Investigation of scatter radiation of non-circular X-ray scan trajectories

Khanlian Chung, Lennart Karstensen, Marius Siegfarth, Lothar R. Schad, Frank G. Zöllner


Published in:Fully3D 2017 Proceedings


image acquisition, alternative scan trajectory, circular tomosynthesis, scatter radiation distribution
Modern interventional X-ray devices are highly maneuverable and allow complex 3D imaging trajectories. New scan trajectories enable not only optimized object sampling but also introduce new approaches for dynamic 3D imaging. In this paper, we investigated the scatter radiation of two different scan trajectories. The scatter radiation was sampled by a rail setup with dosimeters at defined positions. After data analysis, contour maps were generated which show for four exemplary heights the scatter radiation distribution. The alternative scan trajectory showed smaller dose exposures at heights correlated to upper torso and head areas of a model physician.
Khanlian Chung
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Lennart Karstensen
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany
Marius Siegfarth
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Germany
Lothar R. Schad
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Frank G. Zöllner
University of Heidelberg, Germany
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