A Metropolis Monte Carlo Simulation Scheme for Fast Scattering Calculation in Cone Beam CT

Yusi Chen, Jianhui Ma, Bin Li, Zhen Tian, Linghong Zhou, Xun Jia, Yuan Xu


Published in:Fully3D 2017 Proceedings


Monte Carlo simulation, metropolis hasting sampling, path-by-path scheme, scattering calculation
Low computational efficiency is the largest obstacle hindering practical applications of Monte Carlo particle transport simulation. We develop a new MC scheme for photon transport that employs Metropolis-Hasting sampling algorithm to conduct the simulations via a path-by-path scheme in this GPU-based Metropolis MC (gMMC) package. By using the Metropolis algorithm, gMMC is able to sample an entire path of a photon each time, extending from the x-ray source to the detector. The sampled paths over a long run will follow a distribution governed by the particle transport physics. gMMC was benchmarked against an in-house developed GPU-based Monte Carol simulation tool gMCDRR that performs simulations in the conventional particle-by-particle scheme. An example problem of x-ray scatter calculation was studied. For pencil beam case, speed-up factors of 200 to 300 times for first order scatter and 12 to 18 times for second order scatter can be achieved, while the average differences comparing to the conventional approach are within 1%.
Yusi Chen
Southern Medical University
Jianhui Ma
Southern Medical University
Bin Li
Southern Medical University
Zhen Tian
UT Southern Medical Center
Linghong Zhou
Southern Medical University
Xun Jia
UT Southern Medical Center
Yuan Xu
Southern Medical University
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